russian avantgarde COLLECTION


HISTORY OF the collection





I became interested in the Russian Avant-garde when I visited the FIAC Exhibition in 1978. One of the galleries was showing a small colorful work of Lyubov Popova and I was struck by the beauty of it.  In 1988 I saw by accident a small add in a German newspaper where somebody from Sweden was offering two Russian paintings, one from Nathan Altman and one from Ivan Kliun. I went to Stockholm, met the vendor and saw both paintings. I decided to buy both paintings and thus started my  collection. Thanks to Internet in the beginning of the 1990’s I was able to contact many private Russian people who were selling paintings because they needed money when Russia moved to Democracy. Over the years I managed to buy several beautiful examples of the Russian Avantgarde Art and this website is giving an impression of these works.

Since Russian Avantgarde works hit the artmarket in the beginning of the 1990’s and prices began to rise many fake paintings began to flood the market. Most of these works are easily to identify because they are copies of existing works. But there are works created in the manner of famous artists and for that reason provenance and expert opinions are important. You will find the provenance and expert documents for each painting using the “more info” button.

As a collector one always has limited funds to acquire new works. For that reason I sometimes sell some of my works.  Of course you can contact me directly if you are interested in one of the works.